Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner Review

As a pet owner, house upkeep becomes a much harder task as your pet roams freely and finds things to mess up. Carpets for one become grimy super fast. If you have been considering replacing your carpets, you may want to take a moment to consider a cleaner that is specifically made for your needs. The Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner is made to clean out carpets thoroughly, especially after they have been soiled by pets.

The cleaner comes equipped with all the necessary features required to maintain clean, fresh carpets in your home all year round. Now, you can let your pets make a mess and leave the stress of cleaning it up to Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner.

Two Specialized Cleaning Modes

The Hoover Power Cleaner comes with two main modes, each made for a specific task. The Deep Clean Mode gives the device more time to thoroughly clean your carpets. It is great for a first-time use to ensure that your carpets are clean inside out and easy to maintain later. This mode is great at removing old and stubborn stains as well. On the other hand, the Quick Clean Mode allows easy maintenance as you can quickly run over your carpets and expect them to dry out completely in under an hour.

By alternating between the modes, you can make carpet cleaning an easy and efficient process. By using the Deep Clean mode occasionally for thorough cleanups and the Quick Clean Mode for more frequent but shorter cleanups can help your carpets stay consistently clean.

Antimicrobial SpinScrub Brush System

The cleaner’s SpinScrub system is designed with smaller brushes rotating at the bottom to gently brush out deeply embedded dirt and stains. This system prevents the build-up of bacteria in your carpets so that you can avoid unpleasant odors from the mess that your pets make. The soft brushes also do not damage your carpets so that they last you for a long time.

This system is built keeping in mind the type of grime that develops on carpets when they are used by pets. Therefore, the system is good at getting deep into carpets and eliminating all problematic substances.


  • The cleaner is lightweight and can easily to be moved up and down the stairs in your home
  • It is equipped with a large 1.25-gallon water tank so that the water can be changed less frequently
  • Detergent mixing within the device happens automatically, reducing the time required to get it started
  • Strong suction in the cleaners helps lift and remove dirt
  • SpinScrub brushes help eliminate and deodorize your pet’s mess
  • Setting up the device for the first time is easy and only requires a screwdriver
  • The cleaner glides effortlessly on different carpet types
  • Despite the big size, the water tank is easy to empty after a cleaning session
  • There is a rinse option for thorough cleaning of the dirty detergent water left in your carpets
  • The device is compatible with all kinds of cleaning solutions and has a compatible Hoover Expert Pet Detergent that works miracles with the cleaner

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner has been massively popular among pet owners because of its ease of use. Using the cleaner requires minimal effort for great results, which makes it a popular choice. Owners find that the cleaner is not only good for pet messes but is in general great at ridding the carpet of all impurities. From the assembly of the product to filling the tank and using it, the cleaner is found to be fast and effective.

Some customers did find that the Deep Clean mode was less effective at cleaning than the Quick Clean mode. However, the issue only arose in cases where the operator tried to move too fast across a patch of carpet. It is important to note that the Deep Clean mode is designed to be more thorough in its cleaning and, therefore, requires more time and patience.

Overall, the carpet cleaner is equipped with everything you could possibly require to deep clean and maintain the cleanliness of the carpeting in your house. Targeted toward pet owners, it is proven to be effective at preventing odor and stain buildup from pet messes. If you are in the market for a cleaner designed for carpets soiled by pets, you should definitely consider the Hoover Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner as it most probably is exactly what you’re looking for!