Factors to Consider When Carpeting Your House

There is no greater feeling than when you walk into a house that not only feels right but also looks right especially on the floor. The best way to have this experience is by ensuring that your floor not only clean but has that amazing look. This can be achieved very easily by carpeting your … Read more

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

Walking on a carpet is a great feeling and carpets make our home look pretty, but cleaning them and keeping them stainless is another issue that we battle almost every single day. Carpets get dirty very quickly as we tend to walk on them with our shoes and also spill all sorts of stuff on … Read more

How to Remove Odors from Carpet? Ideas that Really Work

Between nasty spills and dirty shoes, it’s highly probable that your precious carpet will emit unwanted funky odors. Although the smells may make your living room inhabitable and kill the ambiance, it does not mean that you have to call professionals or use harsh chemicals to eliminate the odor. Here are several DIY tips that … Read more