Best Carpet Shampooer Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Your home may be all sparkling, but that is worthless if your upholstery or carpets are filthy.

Dirt that builds up on surfaces such as the couch or carpet may not only inconvenience you but also trigger allergies or even health issues and worst of all bad smells.

With a good carpet shampooer, you can easily clean and maintain your carpets and upholstered items.

We made a list of the top-rated professional carpet shampooers for everyone who is obsessed with keeping their space tidy or occasionally enjoys the smell of a freshly cleaned room.

These cleaners also come in handy for pet owners who can’t keep their fuzzy friends from messing up the carpet or shedding on the couch.


7 Best Carpet Shampooers of 2020

1- Bissell Big Green Professional – Best Choice

The Bissell Big Green is a heavy-duty cleaning machine that is capable of extensive deep scrubbing action. This model is built with intense suction power that assists the take up of a lot of dirt and grime for a cleaner result. On top of the powerful suction, the Bissell Big green is modeled to clean on both forward and backward motions. Both of these not only add to the speed but also the efficiency of this carpet cleaner. Apart from reduced cleaning time, you also have to wait shorter drying periods as compared to other models. The workmanship of this cleaner is sturdy and the features are robust enough to handle extensive cleaning duties.

Aside from the machine parts, you receive a professional cleaner with Scotch guard protection that ensures your carpet and upholstery maintains that clean state longer. Two large tanks carry the cleaning fluids or water. They keep the clean and dirty water separate and minimize the frequency of change especially if you have a large space to clean. The brush on this device is powerful enough to remove embedded dirt and all sorts of stubborn stains that require intensive scrubbing.

If you experience stains or have constant traffic in your home that requires intense regular cleaning, the Bissell Big Green might just be the solution to your heavy-duty carpet cleaning tasks.


  • Promises intense cleaning and quick-drying afterward
  • Unlike some options, this model cleans in both forward and backward directions
  • Cleaning brushes are detachable for easy maintenance


  • It is quite heavy and may prove difficult to maneuver at first
  • The design is not friendly for use to all, it might be challenging for especially taller individuals to use


How to use the BISSELL Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine?

2- Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution – Best Pet Shampooer

The Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro comes in an Incorporated design that accommodates carpet and upholstery stains and messes created by pets. This model is designed with a deep cleansing system to clear any pet messes. Some of these tools include the Urine eliminator, a 2- in -1 upholstery tool, a preheater, and a brush roll cover. These tools help with any spots or stains that your furry friend may create around your home. The machine not only removes hair and stains, but it is equipped to handle any odors that may result from the same.

This device has a lengthy extension cord that makes maneuverability quite simple around your space. Additionally, it is an energy-efficient device with a power rating of 6.8 amperes. The cleaning head is sizeable enough to make cleaning relatively quick yet satisfactory. The 8-foot hose attaching the cleaning head to the cleaner will ensure that you get all those hard to reach areas that your cat can’t seem to stay away from. Apart from the cleaning tool itself, you will receive a number of additional tools and products to help you with all your cleaning needs. The trial size pet urine eliminator and pet stain and odor eliminating formula are great for clearing out all dirt and bacteria that come with these stains.

In search of a cleaner that will put all of your pet associated messes to rest? Why not try the Bissell Proheat 2X for stain-free odorless and bacterial free environment.


  • Comes with Scotch guard carpet protection for long-lasting stain protection
  • It is an easy setup and easy to use model
  • The removable brush-roll cover allows convenient cleaning and maintenance of the brush-roll


  • It may not be the best option for multi-floor cleaning
  • Some of the features are not as straightforward to use and require that you review the user guide severally


How to use the BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Shampooer?

3- Hoover Smartwash FH52000 – Best for Easy Use

The Hoover Smartwash Automatic is one of the most convenient and powerful carpet cleaners that you can buy. It is great for stain removal, even when compared to its competitors, it took the cake. The machine comes with a bunch of features. However, the price is a bit high and it does not have a huge tank capacity.

One thing that was great about this machine was the cleaner’s ability to easily maneuver it around. The weight of the product is a little more than one would like, it has rubber wheels which ensured that the cleaner did not damage the floor and the machine was easy to move around.

It can easily remove even the hardest of stain in a few passes only (it is one of the best features of this product). However, when it came to water extraction, the job done is just okay, it can do better. Due to this issue, carpets took a much longer drying time. The machine has sensors that automatically tell it when the soap or water is being distributed and when the extracting is being done. But it does come with a ‘Dry Only’ option that allows the machine to focus on just the drying of the carpet. It could counter the water extraction feature.

One of the best machines you can have for home cleaning and long jobs, it comes with a long cord and a large water tank so your cleaning cycle does not have to get disturbed too much. It also comes with a hose that can clean stairs, furniture, and other areas. The machine does not make too much noise when cleaning and it can easily cover a large area in a small amount of time.


  • Has a large water tank
  • Strong suction which ensures efficient cleaning
  • Ability to mix the cleaning solution itself
  • Fewer controls
  • A 12-inch wide cleaning path


  • Does not allow manual control
  • Not great water extraction abilities


How to use the Hoover Smartwash FH52000 Carpet Cleaner?

4- Hoover Power Scrub Elite – The best option for deep cleaning tasks

The Hoover Power scrub elite is a well-designed model for several deep cleaning tasks around your space. Equipped with a wide variety of features, this cleaner promises easy to use for an intensely clean result. It comes with a Quick Clean Mode for example that can be coupled with its heating capabilities for a clean floor, but with quicker drying time. Alternatively, you may choose to use the Deep Clean Mode. It utilizes the powerful capabilities of this machine to remove deep-seated stains and embedded dirt around your home.

On top of the elaborate design, this model is equipped with a large tank carrying capacity. This way, you may clean larger areas without needing to empty out the tank as frequently as you would with regular tanks. The Hoover Power Scrub Elite cannot only remove tough stains and smells but also has 360-degree antimicrobial brushes that clean and kill germs in all directions. If you want, you may utilize the 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool and try out the sample pet solution to clean after your furry friends.

You may be in search of a cleaner that is thorough when it comes to stain removal but also offers a quick clean option for those days when you’re feeling lazy but need to clean the carpet. The Hoover Power Scrub Elite is one of the best hoover carpet shampooers and might just be what you need for some deep cleansing and quick drying.


  • It is a lightweight tool that can be carried around your space with ease
  • The machine provides combination measurements for water: detergent ratios for optimized cleaning
  • Has for handles for portability around the home


  • Since it requires several passes over one area, it may take you a while to get your carpet looking as good as new

5- Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner – Best Rug Shampooer

This is a professional model that is useful for cleaning upholstery, and carpets, riding them of dirt and any tough stains. Many homes and offices are victims of incidences that require the use of such a machine. The rug doctor is one of the best rug shampooers designed with a variety of features that equip this gadget with the necessary power to clean out your carpet and upholstery. It boasts of 75% more suction power than regular cleaners, which may be handy when it comes to stubborn stains. With Dual cross Action for example, you can hit almost any angle, especially while cleaning all the bends and dips on your couch. Instead of using the same tool head to clean all your surfaces, this rug shampooer comes with a variety of add ons including a unique upholstery tool that allows you to clean softer surfaces that require a gentle touch.

You can easily maneuver and steer this cleaner around your office or home, making your tasks less gruesome than it has to be. Additionally, the machine comes with a tool caddy to keep all your cleaning accessories and tools safe and well organized. This includes the extra spot cleaning and upholstery tools that you may use target-specific cleaning tasks. Its tank is not only easy to fill and empty, but it also has a wide mouth for quick rinsing. You get a measuring cup integrated into the tank cap for convenient measurement or pouring.

If you are looking for a powerful yet easy use professional-grade cleaner, the Rug Doctor carpet shampooer is the best rug shampooer and might just be the answer for any homeowners or office cleaning duties.


  • Dual cross action brush to clean in all angles
  • Comes with a collapsible handle for easy and convenient storage
  • You can easily get to and clean hard to reach areas


  • Cleaning and maintaining the front brush section of the machine is somewhat difficult
  • Using this rug cleaner machine takes some getting used to as it is not the typical forward-backward motion you may be used to.

6- Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner

When thinking about carpet cleaners, a big heavy machine comes to mind, which may be the reason why many people hesitate to buy carpet cleaners. However, Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner is one product that is sure to change the mind of potential customers, this machine is not like the big straight machines you see that need to be pushed around to clean the carpet, it is smaller and has a portable design. As it only weighs about 13 pounds, it allows a person to carry the machine all over the house, cleaning carpets at different locations and fighting out all stains.

There is a handle located on top of the machine so that you can easily carry it around the house. The hose on the side of the cleaner can easily be coiled, ensuring easy storage capability. With the cleaner you get a 6-inch stair cleaner and a 3-inch stain remover as well, so you can easily attach either one of the tools and use it in your home as per need. The power cord is about 22 feet long and can be coiled easily and stored on the other side of the machine.

The water tank capacity is one factor you need to look and, and as Bissell 3624 machine is portable, it means that the tank capacity will be lower than that of the standard model. This model can hold up to ¾ gallon of water.

However, you cannot much this model around as it does not come with wheels, you will need to carry it, but still, it is a good model to use to clean big or small rooms. It will clean up various issues such as stairs, cars, pet messes, walked on areas, etc.


  • It has a compact size with a carry handle so you can move it easily.
  • Storage is easy with this model.
  • Great for someone who wants to clean regularly.
  • Has impressive cleaning abilities and stain removing abilities.


  • Bissell 3624 does not come with Heatwave technology
  • It does not have antimicrobial protection
  • Does not come with wheels

7- Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe – Best Budget-friendly carpet shampooer

The Hoover Power scrub deluxe is a well-built model that is both efficient and portable.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe is one of the best affordable home carpet shampooers and it’s designed with a variety of features for both powerful cleaning capabilities and convenient use.

The model is made with several handles that coupled with its lightweight nature makes it quite portable.

You can carry it up and down the stairs without help or stopping for a breather. The Spin Scrub system ensures deep cleaning of your carpets especially when you have tough or stubborn stains.

These cleaning brushes access a 360-degree radius and reach all those odd areas where dirt and grime accumulate over time.

This machine is not only capable of powerful but also even surface cleaning with the Dual V Nozzle feature. You can use it without worrying about splotches due to an uneven cleaning suction.

With a dual tank, this machine is more compact and can be stored in areas other broader devices cannot go. This smart tank system also comes in handy during filling or emptying.

It allows for minimal if any spills and takes less time to make the change. Coupled with direct heat, the cleaner can lift virtually anything off your carpet fibers and dry faster than a non-heating cleaner could.

The Hoover Power scrub deluxe may just be what you’re looking for if you need an efficient and deeply cleaning portable cleaner that won’t an evident strain on your wallet.


  • Designed with a SmartTank System for an easy refill or emptying
  • Has 360 degree rotating cleaners for thorough cleansing action
  • Highly portable for use around your home


  • The tanks do not have a high carrying capacity and may need a regular change if you intend on cleaning the whole house


Best Carpet Shampooers Buyer’s Guide

Carpet cleaners are among those items you don’t expect to be purchasing ever so often. It is necessary that you weigh all the several options available before you make a final decision. Purchasing a good carpet cleaning machine is like making a commitment to one cleaning machine for a really long time. Trust me; you want to get stuck with an efficient tool that will have you smiling every time carpet and upholstery cleaning comes around. Like with all other important purchases, there are many things that you must consider before you make a final decision. Here are some major considerations every buyer should make before they purchase a carpet shampooer.


The ideal model should have add ons and attachments that will allow you to clean more than just the carpet. These attachments are helpful especially when you need to maneuver around tight spots in your home or office. With the right type of attachments, you may easily clean upholstery, bare floors or even stairs. Attachments offer cleaning diversity and save you the trouble of having to find yet another device to clean these areas. These attachments come in handy especially with pet-related stains and messes, where the regular cleaning tool just won’t cut it.

Tank capacity

A large enough carrying capacity is necessary especially for instances when you are cleaning large areas. When you invest in a sizable tank, you can use your cleaner without rushing to the sink to empty out the dirty cleaning fluid every so often. Finding the right tank capacity is a delicate balance between large enough and overbearing. When the tank capacity is too large, you may experience trouble maneuvering the cleaner around.

Clean tip: Regardless of the size of the tank, always find the right shampoo to water ratio that will optimize the cleaning capability of your device.


These are one of the more important considerations to make when choosing your cleaner. The nature of the brush will determine how well your carpet cleaner can function. Some brushes are designed to rotate; others are designed with bristles reaching all angles for maximum cleaning effect. However, the biggest brush contention when selecting a cleaner is selecting movable or stationary brushes. A moving brush gives a more vigorous scrub than a fixed one. You should select the type of brush based on the carpet fiber you are working with and the type of stains you experience or expect in your home. With a more aggressive scrub, you might find it easier to remove embedded dirt and tougher stains.


An ideal machine is not only properly equipped, but is also easy to use. This similarly applies to the best carpet shampooer. It won’t matter how well your cleaner can function if you cannot operate it, no problem. An easy to use device does not mean it lacks special or advanced features. In fact, a cleaner with advanced yet easy to use features is more commendable than any other options. Ease of use will affect the performance of the device. You must consider how compatible you are with a device and how well you think you can set up and use it around your space.

Special features

Although some people find special features unnecessary, they are actually quite important. Sure these gadgets can perform basic cleaning or shampooing tasks properly, but how well can your carpet shampooer cleaner handle special cleaning tasks? When buying a carpet shampooer, don’t just consider regular cleaning duties. A well-equipped cleaner will be able to take on any random stains or messes and even odors that the basic function cannot manage. Apart from having an upper hand against stains or dirt, special features add to the diverse use of these cleaners. With the right type of features, your cleaner is not only restricted to carpets but it can go everywhere the stains appear.

Tips to maintain your carpet shampooer – Even your cleaner needs to get cleaned

In order to maintain its efficiency, you must clean out your carpet shampooer each time you use it, or before you use it. You do not want the old gunk to mess with its cleaning capabilities, do you? Essentially, you need to remove any hairs, fiber or debris caught up in the cleaning brushes. Start off by ensuring the machine is unplugged from the main switch and it is off. Some of these have a detachable brush-roll cover while others do not. Either way, find a way to access the brushes with a soft cloth and warm water. We would recommend you wear gloves while you clean out your cleaner to avoid getting any dirt that may be in there directly on your hands.

Once you feel that the brushes are efficiently cleaned, return any parts you may have detached and leave your cleaner to dry. It goes without saying, but you must empty out the tanks after you finish cleaning. Clear out all the filthy water and cleaning fluid, and then proceed to rinse out these tanks so they maintain that new clean look. If you are unsure about detaching or moving any of the parts, revisit the user guide for any instructions. You might end up damaging your machine if you try to pry open parts that should be fixed.

Taking caution when using a carpet cleaner- Basic safety principles

When using such a powerful device, you must stay safe always. Do not assume that just because it is a cleaner, you can use it without precaution. No matter the type of carpet shampooer you decide to pick, ensure you thoroughly review the user guide. In addition to helping you thorough usage procedure, you may receive further instruction on what to do when faced with a cleaner related incident. Some models for example release fumes as they work, this could interfere with its use unless you clear out space and wear a face protector to prevent you from inhaling these fumes.

The best carpet homemade cleaning solutions to use

While you may purchase commercially sold shampoos for your carpet, there are some instances when you may use so readily available options to make some homemade shampoo for your carpet. These are especially great when you have extremely difficult or odd stains. You simply combine these ingredients and add them as you would detergent to your carpet shampooer.

Vinegar for a more vibrant carpet

Vinegar is well known for its stain removal abilities. Adding white vinegar to your cleaning mix may help especially with troubled regions where the carpet is looking dull and dead. The vinegar ensures that there is no residue left behind, leaving you with a brighter, and more vibrant result. You may make your vibrancy shampoo with water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and liquid dishwasher soap. The liquid dish soap will add the needed foam to help clean the carpet.

Fabric softener for a softer fiber

Some carpets are soft while others can be quite coarse. Maintaining this fluff and softness may require much more effort than just clearing out the carpet. DIY shampoos that involve the use of fabric softeners help condition the carpet fibers and maintain their soft or fluffy nature. You may incorporate the softener into the homemade shampoo mixture for use on your delicate textured upholstery or carpets.

Homemade shampoo tip: While making the shampoo for your carpet, incorporate all ingredients first before adding the liquid dish soap to prevent bubbles from forming. You may include substances such as hydrogen peroxide for stubborn or special stains. Make sure to research the mixing quantities before you start using homemade shampoos for your carpets and upholstery.

Carpet Shampooing Tips

How do you use carpet shampooer?
Most of these cleaners work spray warm or hot cleaning liquid on the surface you are trying to clean out your carpet. Your main task is to fill the tank(s) with water and add the correct cleaning fluid/shampoo and then move the cleaner in a backward or forward or both motion depending on the design of the cleaner to get those stains out.

How often should I shampoo my carpets?
Unlike vacuuming which should occur weekly, shampooing your carpets can be an annual affair depending on how busy your home is. If you have pets, children or regular visitors, you may incur more frequent stains and be required to clean your carpet more often. However, regardless of the household, twice a year should be the bare minimum for a deep carpet shampooing session.

How long do you have to stay off the carpet after cleaning?
Depending on the machine you used and the cleaning mode, it could be anything between 40 minutes to hours. Some carpet fibers take longer to dry even on quick cleaning modes. You may want to review the user guide for any insight in dry times or any instructions regarding slow drying fibers.

Why does my carpet smell after shampooing?
The main culprit for a smelly carpet is usually inefficient drying. When your carpet gets wet and isn’t dried properly, mildew and molds may start to grow and cause a weird smell to develop. You can combat this by ensuring your carpet is well dried after shampooing.

How do you get the smell out of the carpet after shampooing?
Apart from letting your carpet dry properly, there are some things you could place around the house to absorb the wet carpet smell. Sprinkling some baking soda on the carpet and then vacuuming later is an easy way to get rid of this smell. Alternatively, you can place bowls filled with vinegar around the room to absorb the bad smell.

Do I have to rinse the carpet after shampooing?

Not necessarily. Rinsing the carpet after cleaning is more tedious but keeps your carpet cleaner looking for a longer period than not rinsing would have.

Final word

Finding the best carpet shampooer is a long process that requires a lot of thought and considerations. Ideally, your current and future cleaning needs should guide this decision. These guidelines should assist you in making the right selection for a cleaner home or office space, depending on where you intend to use the machine.

Selecting what is the best carpet shampooer is pivotal for maintaining a clean and fresh living space. Many considerations come into play when deciding on the best carpet shampooer. For pet owners, finding what is the best carpet shampooer for pets is essential to tackle those stubborn stains and odors effectively.

When it comes to rug shampooers, the quest for excellence leads to the question: who makes the best rug shampooer? Bissell, a prominent brand in home cleaning solutions, offers a variety of options, prompting the inquiry of which Bissell shampooer is best suited for specific needs.

Economic considerations often play a role in decision-making, leading to the search for what is the best economical carpet shampooer. For areas with high foot traffic, identifying what is the best shampooer for high traffic areas becomes crucial to ensure durability and performance.

Professional settings may require a higher standard of cleaning, making it pertinent to know what is the best professional carpet shampooer. If you prefer shopping at Ace Hardware, the question arises: what is the best carpet shampooer at Ace Hardware? Exploring options within this retail environment can lead to tailored choices.

When dealing with specific items like area rugs, understanding what is the best area rug shampooer ensures that delicate fabrics receive the care they deserve. For a more hands-on approach, discovering what is the best handheld fabric shampooer can be a game-changer, providing convenience and flexibility in your cleaning routine. Contact information: