Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner Reviews – Feb.2020

For anyone looking to get into the carpet cleaning business, purchasing a heavy-duty commercial carpet cleaning machine seems like the obvious choice.

However, you might still want to consider purchasing one if you are a business or homeowner looking to get some occasional maintenance done.

This is because despite being a costlier investment than their non-commercial counterparts, commercial carpet cleaners almost always perform more effectively and efficiently as they are made to cater to the demanding needs of professional carpet cleaning businesses.

To help you with your search for the ideal commercial carpet cleaner that suits your needs and budget, we have compiled some of the best value propositions available in the market today.

Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

#1. Bissell Big Green BG10 Deep Clean

At the top of the list is another offering from Bissell, the Big Green BG10. With two massive wheels and a cleaning path of 10 inches, the machine’s maneuverability is excellent. Customers have especially complimented the machine’s ability to move effortlessly, whether you’re pulling or pushing it, which makes working on hard-set stains a breeze.

Other nifty features enhance the machine’s usability like an indicator on the clean water tank that tells users when it’s time to refill and an adjustable handle.

Many users of the BG10 have commended its ability to clean the entire area the hood covers, while some other machines fail to do this and only cleaning the section under the center of the hood. This drastically reduces the number of times the machine will need to move over a stain to completely remove it.

However, weighing a massive 40 lbs., the BG10 is a bulky piece of equipment, making portability an issue. Users have complained about the weight of the machine, which makes it difficult for it to be carried up and down the stairs.

Some have also complained about water leaking from the water-level indicator. Although this can be a nuisance, it is also easily rectified by the one-year manufacturing warranty.

The BG10 also works best with hot water, which is why some users complain about the absence of a heater or technology to keep the water warm while the cleaning is being carried out.

Main Features

The BG10 comes bundled with an upholstery kit that allows the machine to clean above-floor areas, making it a versatile cleaner. Apart from assembling the additional accessories, this machine is fairly easy to set up and use out of the box and does not involve a lot of setting up on the user’s part.

Another useful feature that you don’t see in many other carpet cleaners is a detachable power cord, effectively increasing the machine’s durability in comparison to other carpet cleaners. This is an important feature to have for users who want to replace the default cord with a longer aftermarket cord or simply replace it because the original one has been damaged.


  • Two large wheels enhance maneuverability
  • Adjustable handle with three different height settings gives added control to users
  • A water level indicator informs users when it’s time to refill or drain the water
  • Water containers can be removed for easier filling and draining
  • Powerful suction extracts stains and excess water efficiently
  • 10-inch cleaning path allows the machine to clean more area with ease
  • Detachable power cord enhances the machine’s durability
  • Compatible with other Big Green attachments

#2. Bissell Big Green 86T3

Bissell has dominated the carpet cleaning market for quite some time with its quality equipment, and its Big Green 86T3 has more than earned a spot for itself as a customer favorite.

This is a well-loved device that delivers on what it promises. It comes with a professional cleaning formula kit that effectively removes not only stains but also the smell of pet vomit and pet urine.

The Big Green 86T3 is an expensive but versatile device equally suited for cleaning service professionals and homeowners, featuring larger water tanks than most carpet cleaners. Users admire the device for its raw power and cleaning capabilities. Some have even remarked that if the 86T3 fails to remove a spot, it is useless to try to remove it as the spot probably isn’t coming out.

This machine’s ease of use also makes it an absolute user favorite. Users cherish the fact that the Big Green 86T3 features larger containers than almost all other carpet cleaners that they have used. This reduces the need to refill and drain the containers in the middle of cleaning.

Other features that users admire are capacity indicators, which inform users when it’s time to drain the dirty water or refill the clean water container.

Unlike other machines that come packed only with the essentials, users admire the value for money that the 86T3 provides by including a wide range of cleaning attachments that users would otherwise have to purchase separately. The included tools enhance the versatility of the machine with attachments like a wide 6-inch stair tool and a long 9-ft hose reducing the need for users to move the heavy machine around the room.

The quality of these complimentary attachments was also appreciated. Users noted that the tools are sturdy and easy to attach, unlike some other manufacturers who include low-quality attachments with their machines.

Main Features

The primary feature that sets this device apart from others is that it produces unparalleled results. The machine’s power brushes, the powerful dual motors, its effortless movement, and a plethora of attachments all work together to deliver powerful cleaning that has earned the 86T3 a recognition of its own.

For a carpet cleaner of this size and weight that packs as powerful a punch as the 86T3, it is relatively simple to set up and use. A generous 25-inch cord coupled with a 9-ft hose also makes moving around a lot easier. Whether you use it in a professional setting or in the home, this machine has been proven to achieve cleaning tasks faster than others in the market.


  • Large clean and dirty water tanks
  • A variety of professional-grade cleaning attachments
  • A wide cleaning path of 10.5 inches
  • A powerful rotating brush that loosens difficult dirt particles
  • Powerful suction that extracts not only excess water but also dirt and nasty odors
  • Generous 5-year manufacturing warranty

#3. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3, although a bit on the expensive side, is still cheaper than some other machines on this list, and it carries a lot of value. In fact, the value it provides at this price point is the reason it has been ranked this high on the list.

As a commercial carpet cleaner, the machine is capable of delivering tough competition to more expensive cleaners in the market. Customers have been significantly impressed by the machine’s powerful suction capabilities as many machines, even some expensive ones, fail to perform well.

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3’s durable construction also ensures that this economically priced machine lasts a long time and can withstand heavy use.

For a considerably bulky machine, customers were not happy with its cleaning path which could have been wider. The weight of the machine also makes it a nuisance to move around, especially up and down the stair. The noise it creates during operation has also been an annoyance for many.

Another complaint that many customers had with the machine’s usability is about how difficult it is to empty the dirty water tank. The design of the tank does not make it easy for it to be emptied and it has the tendency to slosh and spill during the process. To get around this, users should only remove the dirty water container near the sink where the water is supposed to be drained to avoid unwanted messes.

Main Features

This device comes bundled with a number of accessories, including a pet pack, making it an ideal choice for homeowners as well as pet-friendly offices. The pet pack includes an upholstery tool, a dedicated cleaning solution for pet-related messes, and a urine eliminator. The included cleaning solution is effective even on the most difficult messes, eliminating stains as well as a foul odor.

The Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 features a triple-action vibrating brush. The stiff bristles of the brush easily extract dirt particles from carpets and lift stains. The vibrating brush is made more effective by a powerful 1.75hp motor and a wide 10.8-inch suction nozzle. The stiff bristles scrub and loosen stains and dirt, which are then sucked in with the dirty water by the powerful suction motor. The combination of powerful components delivers unmatched cleaning that other machines find hard to compete with.


  • Comes with a bundle of useful attachments and a pet pack
  • The triple-action vibrating brush helps remove dirt and stains from carpets
  • Large water and recovery tanks reduce the need to refill or drain water during operation
  • A powerful vacuum that sucks up more water, leaving the carpet to dry out quicker
  • Sturdy exterior capable of withstanding heavy use

#4. Oreck ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

The first thing you will notice with our number four pick is that the name says floor machine, and that’s because this is exactly what this machine is.

The Oreck Orbiter is an interesting machine that stands apart rather distinctively from others in this list because it’s a professional-grade carpet cleaner that doubles as a floor buffer. It is equally good at both tasks.

It is a multi-purpose surface cleaner featuring an orbiting head that is capable of maintaining a variety of surfaces, from sanding, scrubbing, stripping, waxing and shining bare floors to deep-cleaning carpets.

Oreck Orbiter, however, is a dry-cleaning machine unlike other carpet cleaners we have discussed so far. Even so, it’s fairly efficient at extracting stubborn dirt from carpets, which can then be vacuumed. It also features a rather large 50-ft cord and a 13-inch cleaning path, allowing for easy movement around the work area.

Users of the Oreck Orbiter admire its easy operation and maintenance and the unique orbital drive of its circular brush head. The brush head rotates in a random orbit, allowing the cleaner to glide effortlessly on various surfaces without causing swirls or brush marks. The machine’s ergonomic design also makes it a breeze to control and maneuver.

However, some users do complain about the lack of included accessories that other machines come with and a lack of other deep cleaning features. Seeing as this machine does not claim to be a dedicated carpet cleaner and is more of a versatile multi-surface cleaner, it will prove to be a valuable addition to your house or office cleaning equipment.

Main Features

What sets the Orbiter apart from other cleaners is that it is ready to use straight out of the box, and there are no parts that the user would need to assemble.

The orbiter comes fitted with a brush head that can be immediately put to use, but users can also purchase other heads like a pad or sand screen for other finishing purposes. These heads are the only accessories that will need to be fitted on this otherwise ready-to-use machine.

The machine also features an ergonomic T-handle, exclusive to Orbiter machines, that is designed to hand over ultimate control to the user. An integrated well-balanced counterweight allows the machine to be glided smoothly from right to left across various surfaces.


  • An orbital drive of 175 RPM
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Patented T-handle enhances control for the user
  • Intelligent counterweight system allows the machine to glide over surfaces
  • A generous 50-ft cord and 13-inch cleaning path allow users to move the machine around freely and clean hard-to-reach corners
  • Compatibility with a variety of Orbiter cleaner attachments

#5. Mytee Lite 8070 Carpet Extractor Machine

The Mytee Lite 8070 Carpet Extractor is a small and relatively compact machine that packs a surprising punch. It is fairly efficient against hard-to-remove spots and with other demanding cleaning jobs.

It is important to note, however, that this compact machine is not suited for complete carpet cleaning jobs and works best for spot cleaning and detailing tasks. The hose and the upholstery tool that the machine comes coupled with making it incredibly effective for spot cleaning.

The machine’s spot cleaning capability makes it an ideal investment for car detailing shops and carpet detailers. Similarly, its compact size is an advantage for cleaners who have to move around a lot. Customers have lauded the machine as a worthy investment as it comes furnished with an effective 3-stage vacuum, a powerful 120 PSI pump, a storage basket, waterproof switches, and an integrated 1000W heater, making it a well-rounded offering.

Some customers, however, have questioned the placement of the movement handles at the back of the device, which is fairly standard for most carpet cleaning machines. Others have also noted that the machine’s exterior, although sturdy, is not durable enough to endure excessive and prolonged use. Other customer concerns include long heat-up times of 15-20 minutes and a noisy vacuum, with many customers willing to overlook both because of the machine’s overall productivity and ease of use.

Main Features

The Mytee Lite 8070 Carpet Extractor boasts a powerful 120 PSI pump with a 1.3 GPM output that is capable of undertaking most spot cleaning and detailing tasks, from light spills to considerably more demanding stains. The powerful pump coupled with a 3-stage vacuum motor with an output of 100 CFM ensure unparalleled suction capability. Hence, dirt particles and dirty water can be sucked out of the carpet with great efficiency, leaving it to dry easily in less time.

The machine’s integrated 1000W heater is also an added advantage, which is absent from many other offerings in a similar price range. Water can be heated up to a maximum temperature of 210 °F in about 15 minutes. This eliminates the need for users to heat up water separately, which can be a lot of hassle for many users and not very efficient when carrying out professional cleaning tasks.


  • Integrated heater
  • A powerful 120 PSI pump
  • Compact and portable body
  • Compatibility with other cleaning accessories
  • A stainless steel 4-inch upholstery tool for carpet detailing
  • Two tanks of 2 gallons each for cleaning solution and recovery
  • The long 15-inch hose and flexible vacuum can reach otherwise hard-to-reach corners that would be difficult to clean
  • 6-inch wheels for easy movement
  • A 2-inch caster on the front can be locked for added stability
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty on the motor, pump, and heater and 5-year manufacturing warranty on the cabinet

#6. Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Carpet Extractor

Aqua Power C4, although on the pricier side, is a well-rounded customer favorite with seemingly very little to complain about. It is among the most reliable carpet cleaning machines on the market, with some users using theirs for over 5 years without it breaking down or even causing minor trouble.

The C4 quick-dry cleaner is considerably more expensive than its counterparts, but users who can cough up the extra dollars will appreciate the kind of reliability that it provides.

Although the Aqua Power C4 is rather large, customers love the machine for its easy control and maneuverability with handle-mounted controls. The handle is a rounded structure to enhance comfort and can collapse for easy storage.

Customers also appreciate the machine’s powerful performance and build quality. Its durability is unmatchable with its high-quality stainless steel and cast aluminum parts and an impressive Kevlar-reinforced drive belt.

The water tanks, however, are not as spacious as some other machines which some customers have noted. At the same time, others have noted that they are big enough to finish significantly large projects without requiring a refill.

Some customers miss the convenience of a removable clean water tank, a feature that this machine lacks. However, the fixed clean water tank does come equipped with dual filtration for added protection.

Main Features

The durability of the Aqua Power C4, as discussed above, is unmatched. The manufacturer knows this is particularly important as customers who purchase this product will be spending a significant amount of money. That kind of investment demands a heightened level of reliability and a promise of quality, and the C4 delivers on both.

All the materials used in the construction, including polyethylene, cast aluminum, stainless steel and Kevlar, are sturdy materials that can endure a lot of heavy use as well as your garden-variety bumps and falls. The C4’s enhanced durability makes it ideal for the busy professional, the clumsy handler, and individuals who just can’t be bothered with caring a lot for their machines.

The C4 is compatible with a lot of accessories, which comes in handy in a lot of situations. Not only is it a reliable carpet extractor, but a variety of accessories make it a versatile machine capable of cleaning stairs, upholsteries, and even vehicles.


  • Adjustable handle with four different heights to maximize comfort
  • A couple of large wheels make it easy to move the machine around
  • Highly durable materials make for the interior and exterior of the machine, prolonging its lifespan
  • Large 4-gallon solution and dirty water tanks allow for larger areas to be cleaned without the need for a refill
  • Compatibility with a stair cleaning tool sold separately makes it easier to clean carpeted stairs, which can be troublesome to clean with most other carpet cleaners

#7. EDIC Galaxy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Extractor

The EDIC Galaxy carpet cleaner is a portable machine that is manufactured with quality internals to enhance durability and reliability.

Customers appreciate the machine’s quality build and professional-grade performance. As this is a base model, it does not come equipped with an external heater like some more expensive variations of the device. However, one can be purchased separately and coupled with the machine to enhance its effectiveness and reduce cleaning times.

This gives it an edge over some other offerings in this list that do not come equipped with a heater and neither do they offer compatibility with external heaters. Some machines that do feature heating capabilities do so internally, drastically reducing the lifespan of the machine’s internal components.

However, customers do complain about the machine’s bulkiness, making it a bit more difficult to carry around than other alternatives.

Others would have preferred a longer warranty period than 2 years for parts and labor, which is on the lower end when compared to other machines in the market. It does offer a lifetime warranty on the machine’s body, which makes it easier on the pocket when it’s time to carry out repairs.

Main Features

The base model comes equipped with a couple of 2-stage motors that deliver a power output of 100 PSI. These are sufficient for most heavy carpet cleaning tasks, offering a surprising amount of suction. Although 100 PSI may not seem like a lot, especially when compared to some other machines, it will be enough for the majority of users who purchase this device.

Before going on a spending spree to get a more powerful device, do make sure that you absolutely do need one, as the EDIC Galaxy carpet cleaner is powerful enough for most tasks.

Another important feature in this machine is the size of its tanks. The solution tank measures 12 gallons, and the recovery tank for dirt water measures 11 gallons. Both of them are big enough to keep you going without having to refill or empty the tanks frequently. This is an important consideration for professional cleaners which allows them to work more productively.

The machine’s compatibility with an external heater, as mentioned above, also works to enhance productivity and efficiency.


  • Spacious solution and recovery tanks
  • All variants come heat-ready and can be used with an external heater
  • Top-mounted switches enhance the machine’s ease of operation
  • The motor cavity is tightly sealed to prevent outside spills from getting in
  • Handling components are mounted on the back of the machine, making it easier to be pushed out of the way when cleaning
  • The high-quality polyethylene body is durable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


Among all the seven products we discussed, it’s hard to pick a favorite as they all shine in particular areas, providing a unique combination of value and features that other machines don’t. If you are a carpet cleaning professional or a homeowner with a generous budget, you’ll be hard put to find a more powerful and user-friendly machine than the Bissell Big Green BG10. The added value you get with the variety of compatible attachments makes it a well-rounded purchase that will have you set up for your cleaning task in no time.

If you’re hesitant about spending a considerable amount of money or don’t require something as powerful as our number-one choice, you’ll be better served by considering the Mytee Lite 8070 and the EDIC Galaxy, both of which provide exceptional value and powerful performance at considerably lower price points.